LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Authorize Delivery

To access the authorize delivery page for a given A/B-split job on the A/B-split job details page, click the Authorize [xyz] Variant Delivery link in the Authorize Delivery section, or select Autorize [xyz] Variant Delivery... from the menu.
Note: The [xyz] part depends on the current state of the A/B-split job.

To send the messages of an A/B-split job to LISTSERV, the delivery of the A/B-split job variants must be authorized.

Once delivery authorization is given, the applicable variant jobs will begin delivery immediately, or they will wait in the Ongoing Jobs list for the scheduled delivery date and time as specified in the delivery settings for each variant job.

The Authorize Delivery screen presents a final overview of the A/B-split job so that the job settings as well as the settings of the variant jobs can be verified as correct and the message appears as expected.

To authorize delivery, click the [Authorize Delivery Now] button.

The Authorize Delivery screen also displays the list of currently defined delivery notification addresses (if any). After delivery (that is, after the actual delivery, not immediately after the authorization), a notification email about the delivery status will be sent to all email addresses shown here. Click the Change link to change the notification email addresses. If no addresses are supplied, then no delivery notifications will be sent.

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