LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Define Main Job From Sampling Variants

To access the define main job from sampling variants page for a given A/B-split job on the A/B-split job details, select the Main Variant Job tab, and click the Pick Main Job Components From Sampling Variants link on that tab.
Note: The A/B-split job must have been defined with type "Sampling A/B-Split" and with "Define the main job settings manually", and the sampling variants must already have been delivered.

The screen shows the main tracking metrics for all sampling variants of the A/B-split job and allows you to define the main job by copying components from the most successful sampling variants. Once you have made your choices, click [Define Main Job] button.

The first list to select a sampling variant from is used to copy the subject line, the sender definition and the delivery schedule. Since the subject line, the "From:" header (defined on the sender definition screen) and the delivery schedule are used by your recipients' email clients before even the message preview is shown, Maestro shows the sampling variants in the first list with high open rates first.

The second list to select a sampling variant from is used to copy the message body. Maestro considers a high click rate to hint at a well-written message body (which is of course only part of the truth, since a bad subject line typically also has a negative impact on your click rate). Due to this, the second list is sorted with high click rates first.

You can then proceed normally with the main variant: Change any of the copied settings, if necessary, and define the delivery schedule and authorize the delivery.

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