LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Edit Database Connections

To access the database connections page, select Utility Database Connections from the menu.

This screen lists the database connections that are configured for your account or group.

Each connection is listed with information about the underlying type of database and a name that gives a short summary of the settings configured for the connection. To edit the settings of a connection, click the [Edit] link next to the entry in the list. This opens a dialog with the settings of the connection. If you want to change or test the settings, you have to supply the current password of the associated database or LDAP user. (The currently stored password is not shown in the password field for security reasons.) Click the [OK] button to store the connection settings. This includes a full test of the connection, which also means that you are only able to supply changes to a connection if the remote database server is reachable and is accepting a connection with the given credentials. This dialog is also used to add new connections, which is possible by clicking the [Add Database Connection] on the bottom of the list.

To delete a connection from the list, first open its settings dialog via the [Edit] link. Then click the [Delete Connection] button on the bottom left of the dialog.

Only connections that are listed on this screen are available for the functions that require access to external user data:

  • Mail Jobs with recipients retrieved from a user database.
  • Similar to above, but in the form of target groups.
  • Import of suppression list addresses from a user database
  • Import of subscriber data from a user database
  • Content retrieved through database drop-ins from a user database

Once a mail job (or any of the other functions listed above) retrieves data through a connection listed here, LISTSERV Maestro uses the currently stored settings of the connection. This means that you can for example easily change the registered database password for a connection that is used in a variety of mail jobs by simply editing the settings of the associated connection on this screen. On the other hand, this also means that if you delete a connection from this list, the functions listed above that use this connection will be affected. Mail jobs (for example) will then fail during delivery with an appropriate error message. Users who previously had this connection selected for one of the functions listed above will also receive an error message.

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