LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Subscriber List Group Overview

To access the subscriber list group overview, open the Subscriber Lists subtree on the subscriber lists overview and select the node of the desired list group in the subscriber warehouse tree on the left.

The left pane displays the "Subscriber Lists" section of the LISTSERV Maestro explorer. This tree section contains all list groups and subscriber lists.

The details and functions available on this page are identical to those described for the Subscriber List Overview page, only that statistics and details are shown for subscribers of the list group, i.e. for users who are subscribed to any of the lists in the group. This is of particular importance when you add or delete subscribers on the list group level: Adding a subscriber to the group does not add the subscriber to any of the lists in the group and vice versa: Removing a subscriber removes the subscriber from all lists in the group and additionally also removes the subscriber profile (including the subscription password) from the shared storage associated with the list group.
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