LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Subscriber List Overview

To access the subscriber list overview, open the Subscriber Lists subtree on the subscriber lists overview and select the node of the desired list in the subscriber warehouse tree on the left.
  • For a list group (which may contain multiple lists that share related fields and subscriber data), proceed to open the list group's node, to show the subtree with all the lists and list folders in the group. Select the desired list node in this subtree.
  • For a standalone list, there is no such parent list group node. Simply select the node for the single list from the subscriber warehouse tree.

The left pane displays the "Subscriber Lists" section of the LISTSERV Maestro explorer. This tree section contains all list groups and subscriber lists.

While one of the list nodes is selected, the pane on the right shows the list overview.

Top Section: At-A-Glance Statistics

The section at the top shows the current list size, i.e. the number of subscribers currently on the list, and a summary over how this size has changed over time.

The three tabs below show various in-depth reports. You can maximize these reports by clicking the icon at the top right corner of the tab.

Subscribers Tab: List of Subscribers

This tab allows you to View or Edit List Subscribers.

Statistics Tab: Size And Subscribe/Unsubscribe History

This tab contains two charts:

The Total List Size chart plots the list growth over time, i.e. how its recipient count changed, up to 1000 days into the past.

The Subscribes / Unsubscribes chart shows the same period of up to 1000 days into the past, but only up to 100 days at once, broken down into daily subscribe/unsubscribe statistics:

The base line of this chart represents the value zero, indicating that neither subscribes nor unsubscribes occurred on a day that is shown with a value of zero. Subscribes (or additions) are visualized upwards and unsubscribes (or removals) are visualized downwards, which is the reason why the base line of the chart is in the middle. For each day, a green bar that grows upwards from this line shows how many new recipients were added to the list on this day, and if they subscribed themselves or were added by the list owner. If there is no green bar for a given day, then no new recipients subscribed on this day.
A red bar that grows downwards from the base line shows how many recipients were removed from the list on this day, and if they unsubscribed themselves, where cleaned up automatically after bouncing, or were removed by the list owner. If there is no red bar for a given day, then no subscribers were removed on this day.
The blue line shows the difference between the green bar and the red bar, i.e. it shows the number of new subscribers minus the number of subscribers that were removed. As long as the blue line stays above the base line, the list subscriber count grows. If it falls below the base line, the list subscriber count shrinks.

You can page this report to the left and right to cover the whole report period of up to 1000 days by clicking on the little arrow icon buttons to the left and right of the chart title.

You can download the statistics report in PDF, spreadsheet and CSV format by picking Download Statistics Report from the main menu and then selecting your desired file format.

Demographics Tab: Subscribers by Demographic Attributes

This tab allows you to View or Edit A Subscriber Demographics Report.

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