LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Edit Bounce Processing Settings

To access the bounce processing settings page, select Utility Bounce Processing Settings from the menu.

Define how the system will process email addresses that generate bounces in LISTSERV Maestro mailings.

Configuring the Bounce Processing Settings

Maestro can be configured to retain or remove email addresses from the subscriber warehouse when bounced email is generated by a mailing. To retain addresses that generate bounces, select the option to keep addresses in the warehouse. To enable removal, select the option for removal. Maestro will only remove an address after the given number of bounces have been registered.

  • Number of bounces: The threshold number of messages sent to the address that trigger bounces.

About Email Deliverability and Bounces

Email messages sent to a recipient address may be undeliverable for many reasons, and those reasons may be temporary or permanent. Some reasons include hardware failure of email servers, network connectivity problems, or problems delivering to the recipient inbox due to quota overruns, among many others. It is impossible to provide a complete list here. The goal of bounce processing is to remove invalid email addresses that cause permanent errors, while retaining those addresses that may have temporary problems accepting mail.

Due to the nature of the technology involved, at times it is difficult to distinguish between temporary and permanent problems in a reliable way. Email delivery is executed using SMTP, a distributed protocol that involves a path through potentially many remote servers over networks whose availability are outside of the control of LISTSERV Maestro. Sometimes a temporary problem will be labeled as a permanent one, such as with the case of an unavailable email server. The email server can be repaired or replaced and become capable of delivering email again after only a short period.

Maestro removes an address after it has generated the configured number of bounces in a row, i.e. without any successful mailings to this address in between. In addition, bounces for jobs that have been sent shortly after one another, or even at the same time, are counted as only a single bounce.

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