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Subscriber Access URLs

This page shows the URLs that can be used to access the various external pages of the public subscriber website of the subscriber list or group.

The URLs shown here can be used in any place where you need to include a link to the desired subscriber page (usually on a web page, but for example also on printed material). With one exception: If you want to include such a link in one of the emails that is delivered by LISTSERV Maestro itself, you should not use the actual literal URL, but instead you should use the corresponding system drop-in, that is also described here.

Depending on the current visibility setting, some of these URLs may not actually be available for the given subscriber list (if they are used anyway, they result in a "404 - Page not found" error).

See also Subscribes and Unsubscribes in Maestro for more information about how Maestro handles subscribes and unsubscribes via its subscriber website pages.

Subscriber Website Access

Use this URL (or system drop-in) to create a link to the initial entry page of the subscriber website. Which page this is depends on the visibility setting of the subscriber list or group:

  • Open to Everyone: The URL points to the subscriber area home page.

  • Access for Subscribers Only: The URL points to the subscriber area login page.

  • Unsubscribes Only: The URL results in a "404 - Page not found" error.


Use this URL (or system drop-in) to create a link to the subscribe page of the subscriber list.

Alternatively, copy the HTML code for a mini-subscribe form and integrate this form into your own website.

If you plan to add new subscribers triggered by an external process, e.g. your own shop-system, you can use the Add Subscribers By API Calls feature.

Note: This URL is only available for subscriber lists with the visibility setting Open to Everyone. For all other lists, the URL results in a "404 - Page not found" error.


Use this URL to create a link to the unsubscribe page of the subscriber list.

Note: Such an unsubscribe link can only be created by using the special UnsubscribeURL system drop-in in a mail job. This will then create a URL that points to the unsubscribe page and that also associates all resulting unsubscribes with the mail job that contained the link. This in turn is then used to calculate the unsubscribe rate for the job.

If you have a location somewhere outside of a Maestro mail job, for example if you want to include an "Unsubscribe from the Mailing List" link on your website, then instead of including a direct unsubscribe link in that location, you would include the subscriber access URL (see above), so that the users can proceed from there to unsubscribe or otherwise manage their subscription settings.

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