LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Modify Suppression List by Import

To access the suppression list import page, select Utility Suppression List from the menu. Then, open the menu again and select Import Addresses...

Use this page to bulk-import suppression list addresses from an external source.

Suppression list addresses can be imported from an uploaded file or from an external user database.

Importing From a File

Click the Upload link to upload a file with suppression list addresses.

Importing From a User Database

Select the database connection and supply the SQL statement. The statement can deliver any amount of result columns, the imported addresses are read from the first column. All subsequent columns are ignored.

Supplying the Import Type and Launching the Import

Three different import types are supported: Add keeps all currently existing addresses and adds the imported addresses if they do not yet exist on the suppression list. Replace yields a suppression list that contains exactly the addresses that are supplied by the import source (i.e. all addresses that are not found during the import are deleted from the suppression list). Remove removes all imported addresses from the suppression list.
Click the [Launch Import] button to begin importing.

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