LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Social Media Settings

To access the social media settings page, select Utility Social Media Settings from the menu.

This screen summarizes the social media settings of your account.

Important: The social media features are only available if the LISTSERV Maestro administrator has configured them. So depending on the current Maestro configuration, some of the features described below may not be available.

Social Media Sharing Applications

Social media sharing allows your subscribers to easily share your email message with other people, via various social media or via email.

This screen here lists the social social media sharing applications that are available on the system, as configured by the Maestro administrator. By default, the list contains all these applications. Since not all available application may necessarily be relevant to your account or group, you have the option to hide some of them, by clicking the Show/Hide Sharing Applications link.

Each row in the list shows the current settings of the application, including its display name and icon.

Each of the applications in the list allows your subscribers to share your email message. You have two options to make use of this functionality:

  1. Use the *SocialMedia System Drop-In: When included at a suitable location in your email message, the *SocialMedia drop-in is replaced with a list of links to various social media on which your message can be shared. If so configured, the links appear as icons, otherwise they appear as normal text links.
  2. Use Custom Sharing URL System Drop-Ins: If your message requires a special design for some of the social media applications (for example to put stronger visual emphasis on media that you think are particularly popular for your subscribers), you can also (in combination or as an alternative to the *SocialMedia system drop-in) use the custom sharing URL system drop-ins as quoted in the list of sharing applications on this screen. Contrary to the *SocialMedia drop-in, these drop-ins are only replaced with the raw sharing URL of the corresponding application (similar to the *ForwardToFriendURL), which allows you to supply the remaining HTML code and/or plain text yourself.

Hiding a social media application from the list of available sharing applications means that you consider this application as being completely irrelevant for your mailings, so it is not available for either of the two methods described above.

If you consider a social media application relevant for your mailings, you then should decide if you want to use the name and icon as configured by the Maestro administrator or if you need to use custom version of either of the two.

Your next decision is if and how to include the application in the *SocialMedia drop-in and if you want to have the custom sharing URL drop-in available for replacement in the message definition screens of your mail jobs. Click the icon in the list of available applications to open the settings page for the selected application.

The {{*SocialMedia}} System Drop-in

This is a preview of how the replacement of the *SocialMedia currently looks like. Click the Change Order link next to the drop-in preview to change the sequence of the social media applications in the replacement.

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