LISTSERV Maestro 9.0-11 Help

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Mobile Device Settings

To access the mobile device settings page, select Utility Mobile Device Settings from the menu.

This page allows you to connect a mobile device that is running the LISTSERV Maestro Companion app to your LISTSERV Maestro account. It also shows a list of all already connected devices.

The LISTSERV Maestro Companion app is currently available for iOS and Android devices:

With the LISTSERV Maestro Companion app, you can view tracking and delivery reports for your mail jobs on your mobile device, receive push notifications after successful or failed deliveries, authorize delivery of previously prepared mail jobs and monitor already authorized mail jobs.

Once the app is installed on your mobile device, you must connect the app to your LISTSERV Maestro account before the app has access to your account data. You can do so by manually by specifying the account details in the app. But it is much simpler to use the app to scan the QR-code that is being displayed on this page. With this QR-code, the app has all the connection information it needs and can connect to your account automatically, without the need to manually enter account details in the app.

Additionally, all mobile devices that you have connected to your account are listed on this page. Each listed device also has an associated Disconnect link. This allows you to revoke the connection of the app on that device. If a device is disconnected, the app on that device automatically deletes all cached data for that account and will no longer allow the user (of the app) to use this account, unless the user again specifies the account password to reconnect the app.

You would use this disconnect link for example if your mobile device got lost, was stolen, or if you are about to sell it or otherwise give it to someone else. That way, you can make sure that the new owner of the device cannot access your LISTSERV Maestro account data, even if you yourself no longer have access to the app on the device.

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