LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Personalized Colors

To access the personalized colors page, go to the personalized contact data, logo and colors page and click the Change link in the Personalized Colors section.

When editing the content or layout of subscriber pages, subscriber notification emails, mail job content or mail job content templates, LISTSERV Maestro gives you the option to pick colors through a visual color picker. In this color picker, you can freely select a color from the color picker palette, or select from the personalized colors defined here.

You can use this, for example, to define your own company, school, or club colors as the personalized colors, so that you can easily apply these colors to the subscriber pages, the email notifications, and even your own messages.

To change one of these colors, simply click on the associated color patch.

To add a new color to the list of existing colors, click the [Add Color] button on the top of the screen.

If you are not sure what colors to select, but you already have an existing web page that uses your colors, then you can click the Select Page link in the color picker dialog and supply the URL of your web page. Maestro then searches for all color definitions that it can find on the specified page and displays the corresponding colors. Each color is shown with a small color patch and the numerical representation of the color. Click on any of these patches to select this color.

After you have finished defining your personalized colors, click [Save Colors] to save the colors.

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