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Personalized Logo

To access the personalized logo page, go to the personalized contact data, logo and colors page and click the Define Logo (currently no logo defined) or the Change link (change or remove the current logo) in the Personalized Logo section.

When selecting a layout for the subscriber pages, subscriber notification emails, and mail job content templates, LISTSERV Maestro gives you the option to chose layouts where your own personalized logo image is already embedded (in different variations).

You can use this, for example, to easily include your own company, school, or club logo both on the subscriber pages, the email notifications, and even in your own messages.

This screen allows you to define such a logo. A logo must be an image file in a format that can be handled by common web browsers. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a logo either in JPG/JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.

Defining your own personalized logo is a two step process:

  1. Upload Logo File: To upload a logo file, you have three different choices:

    • Select the logo from my local computer and upload it: Click the [Select File] button to select the image file from your local computer. Then, click the [Upload] button to upload the logo to Maestro.

    • Load the logo from an external image URL: Enter the URL of the logo file into the edit field and click the [Load] button. A copy of the image will then be loaded and stored by Maestro.

    • Search for the logo on a web page: If you do not have the actual logo file and also no URL for it, but you know a web page on which the logo is being displayed, you can use this choice to get the logo from this web page. Enter the URL of the web page into the edit field and click the [Seach...] button. A new page will open which will display all images that are shown on the specified web page, so that you can then select from these images the image that contains the desired logo.

    Once the logo is uploaded, it will be displayed on this screen so you can verify that you have selected and uploaded the correct image file.

  2. Confirm Uploaded Logo: To confirm that you have uploaded the correct image file, answer the "Do you want to use the image shown below as your new logo?" question. If the image shows the correct logo, then click [Yes]; otherwise, click [No].

If you confirm the uploaded logo, it will replace your previous logo (if any) and will be used as your personalized logo from now on.

Logo on the subscriber pages and notification emails:

  • If this was the first time you uploaded the logo, then for the default layout, you can now select layout variants for the subscriber list pages and notification emails that include the logo.
  • If you had previously uploaded a personalized logo, and you had also selected a default layout with this logo, then the new logo will now be used immediately, i.e. the subscriber pages will immediately begin displaying the new logo once you confirm it here, and any subscriber notification emails that are sent after you confirm the new logo will use the new logo (however, please note that all emails sent earlier with the old logo will still display the old logo).
  • When customizing the subscriber pages or notification emails to define your own layout, you can now insert the logo image where desired.

Logo in content templates:

  • You can now select layout variants for the content templates that include the logo.
  • Any mail jobs (both jobs already delivered and jobs not yet delivered) for which a template was selected previously will remain unchanged, i.e. they will continue to either show no logo or the previous logo, just like they did before.

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