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Calculation Formulas

In LISTSERV Maestro, calculation formulas are currently available in the context of the special *Calc system drop-in, in widget conditions of fluid design widgets, in the condition tree of target groups of type "Subscriber List" or "List Group", and in the derivation rule of a derived profile field in a subscriber list or group. The syntax and semantics of these calculation formulas are described here.

A formula is a sequence of expressions that are combined with operators into more complex expressions. Formulas can, optionally, be nested with parenthesis and make use of pre-defined functions. Examples of formulas are:

15 + 4
27 * Max(17, 4, 24/8) / (19 + 22)
&NAME; + ""
(ToNum(&AGE;) - 2004) * 10
ToDateText(CurrentMillis, "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm", "PST")
If(&VALUE; > 100, "Too Large", "Small Enough")

The following pages explain all aspects of using formulas in Maestro.

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