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Calculation Formulas

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Formula Functions

The following pages describe the functions that are available for use in LISTSERV Maestro formulas.

Number Functions
Abs Converts a number into its absolute (non-negative) value.
IsNum Checks if the given argument can be converted into a number.
Max Finds the largest of several numbers.
Min Finds the smallest of several numbers.
Pow Raises a number to a specified power.
Random Generates a random number.
ToNum Converts any non-number data type into a number.
Text Functions
Contains Checks if one text contains another.
EndsWith Checks if a text ends with a certain text suffix.
HTMLEncode Encodes all HTML-unsafe characters in a text.
IndexOf Finds the first (or next) occurrence of one text in another.
LastIndexOf Finds the last (or previous) occurrence of one text in another.
Length Determines the length of a text.
Matches Determines if a text matches a certain "regular expression".
ReplaceText Replaces all occurrences of a certain sub-string in a text with a new string.
StartsWith Checks if a text starts with a certain text prefix.
Substring Extracts a specified substring from a text.
ToLower Converts a text into all lowercase.
ToUpper Converts a text into all UPPERCASE.
ToString Converts the argument into a text or set of texts.
Trim Trims leading and trailing whitespace from a text.
URLEncode Encodes all URL-unsafe characters in the text.
Boolean Functions
If Evaluates a condition and determines one of two possible values as a result.
ToBool Converts any non-boolean data type into a boolean.
Set Functions
Count Counts all elements in a set.
In Determines if a set contains a certain element.
SetOf Builds a set out of a list of elements.
SetToString Converts a set into a string by listing all elements in the set.
SetToStringWithMaxLen Converts a set into a string (with a maximum length) by listing all elements in the set.
Date / Time Functions
Age Determines the age (in years), based on a birthday date and a current date.
CalendarAdd Performs calendar arithmetic on a milliseconds timestamp.
CurrentMillis Determines the current date/time, in milliseconds.
IsDate Checks if a textual date/time representation is valid.
LastMidnightMillis Determines the date/time of the most recent midnight, in milliseconds.
NextAnniversary Determines the next anniversary of a given historic date/time after a given reference date/time, in milliseconds.
SubscribeTimeMillis Determines the subscription date/time of a subscriber, in milliseconds.
ThisMonthStartMillis Determines the start of the current month, in milliseconds.
ThisWeekStartMillis Determines the start of the current week, in milliseconds.
ToDateText Converts a milliseconds time value into a textual date/time representation.
ToMillis Converts a textual date/time representation into a milliseconds time value.
ToDate This function has been deprecated. Use ToDateText instead.
Other Functions
HasContent Checks if a certain user defined drop-in has content or is empty.
IsSupplied Checks if a certain merge field has a value or not.
SecondaryValue Retrieves the secondary values for a single/multiple select profile field.

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