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Report Entry Definition

  • To edit a specific report entry of a user-defined tracking report, select the desired report entry node of the report in the reports tree, then select Open Report Entry Definition from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the report entry node in the reports tree).
  • To add a new report entry to a user-defined report, select the desired report in the reports tree, then select New Report Entry... from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the report node in the reports tree).

This screen allows you to define a report entry for a tracking report. A report entry collects and bundles a certain set of tracking events or other reportable values and represents them in the report to which the report entry belongs.

In the report charts, the report entry will be represented as a colored bar or colored line and it will get an entry in the report's legend table. For this, each report entry has a name and an associated color.

The set of events or values that are included in a report entry is defined on this screen by selecting the jobs to report over and the type of events or values from those jobs that the report entry shall include.

A report entry is defined with the following settings:

  • Report Entry Name: Enter the name of the report entry.

  • Color: Click the color patch to select the color of the report entry.
  • Jobs Included in Report Entry: This list defines the jobs that the report entry is based on. This can be only one job or several jobs at once. Only events and data from the selected jobs will be included in the report entry. A job is added to the list of selected jobs with drag & drop: Use the mouse to select a job in the list of available jobs on the right, then drag & drop this job to the list of included jobs on the left. To once again remove an already included job, simply use the same drag & drop technique in reverse: Drag the job from the list of included jobs and drop it back into the list of available jobs.

    For a better overview of the available jobs, you can also filter the available jobs list using via the Change Selection link.

  • Events To Include: Select if you only want to include the events triggered by the original email recipients, or if you want to include all events, including those that were triggered by people who only saw the message via social media sharing.

  • Included Tracking Events: Select the kind of data that you want to include in this report entry. Depending on the selected jobs, not all options may be available.
    Simply drag the event types that you are interested in from the available tracking events list on the right and drop them into the included tracking events list on the left. If you want to remove event types that you have already included, you do the reverse: Drag them from the included events list and drop them in the available events list.

  • For Link or Share Icon Clicks Selected Above: If you have included link click events or share icon click events, then you can also select if you want count only clicks in the HTML part, or only clicks in the alternative text part, or both.

Drag & Drop

If you want to drag & drop several items at once, then you can do this by first selecting several items in the source list. Do so by holding down SHIFT and/or CTRL while selecting items in the list (SHIFT and/or the Command key on MacOS X): Holding down SHIFT will have the effect that all items between the clicked item and the last selected item will become selected. Holding down CTRL (the Command key on MacOS X) will have the effect that the selection state of the clicked item is toggled (an unselected item becomes selected and a selected item becomes unselected), while all other already selected items remain selected.

If you have started a drag & drop operation and want to cancel it (i.e. you are currently dragging an item but have changed your mind and no longer want to drop it into the target list), then you can do so by simply dropping the item either back into the source list from where you dragged it or on any other area of the page outside of the intended target list of the item.

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