LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-20 Help Table Of Contents

Sharing Application Settings

To access the sharing application settings page, go to the social media settings page and in the Social Media Sharing Applications section, click the Configure link of the social media application that you want to configure.

With the settings on this screen you can override the default settings that were supplied by the LISTSERV Maestro administrator for the selected social media sharing application.

Both the original name and the original icon (which are defined by the Maestro administrator) are quoted. Keep in mind that you should supply icons that correctly visualize the intended social media application, this may or may not require that you look up the terms of usage for the provider of the social media application (such as Twitter or Facebook). Visually, you should consider using icons of about the same size because they are used as link icons in the replacement of the *SocialMedia system drop-in.

In addition to the icon, also the name of the social media application is used whenever a textual description of the social media is needed, for example in the title or alt attributes of a or img tags. The textual name is also needed for the plain text alternative of your message.

You can decide if you want to use the original versions of the icon or name or if you want to override them with custom versions.

Two checkboxes allow you to decide if you want to include an icon and/or link for the application in the *SocialMedia and if you want to enable the application-specific sharing URL drop-in for your messages.

Bear in mind that the two checkboxes have different effects: The first one decides which of the applications are used when the *SocialMedia is replaced, whereas the second one decides if the corresponding drop-in is available at all. Unchecking the second checkbox may cause a mail job delivery to fail (this is the usual drop-in replacement validation safeguard mechanism employed by Maestro during mail job delivery).

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