LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Target Group Definition - Send to Recipients in the Subscriber Warehouse

To create a new target group, select New Recipient Target Group... from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the Target Groups node or a target group folder in the subscriber warehouse).
Note: If the new target group has not the desired type "Send to Recipients in the Subscriber Warehouse", you can change the target group type on the source page.

This Target Group Definition wizard lets you define a target group of the "Send to Recipients in the Subscriber Warehouse" type that can be used in the recipients wizard to define the recipients of a job.

The wizard for a target group of the "Send to Recipients in the Subscriber Warehouse" type has multiple pages:
General, Source, Source Details, Parameters, Input Layout, Input Preview, and Summary.

The top row of the wizard displays links to each of these pages. The page that is currently open is marked with a highlighted background color. Depending on the choices made on some of the wizard pages, other pages may become disabled or may be shown in different versions. If a wizard page is disabled, then it means that this page is not necessary with the current choices and can safely be ignored.

General Page: Target Group Name and Description

Both name and description are mandatory. Enter a meaningful name and a good description so the end users who are selecting target groups in the recipients wizard will have all the information they need to decide which target group to use.

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