LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Notification Subscriptions

To access the notification subscriptions page of the notifications service, select Utility Notification Service Notification Subscriptions from the menu.

On this screen you subscribe to the available notifications of the LISTSERV Maestro Notification Service. You are free to choose "Never" for any of the available notifications. However, this means that if your role in Maestro requires that you are aware of the type of information that is covered by the notification, then you need to login frequently and use Maestro standard reporting capabilities.

Send Email vs. Show Notification: For all types of notifications you can separately subscribe to a classic email that is being sent to the notification address of your account (if such an address is configured, see here) and to a notification that is shown in the user interface when you are logged in to Maestro. User interface notifications are shown on the Maestro Explorer immediately after they have been processed.

Mail Job Delivery Notifications

If Maestro delivers a mail job and your account is the job owner or the job's owner has registered your account to receive it, then a notification for immediate delivery is registered for you. A delivery failure marks the corresponding notification as alert, so if you choose the option "Alerts Only" for this topic, then you will only receive notifications of failed mail job deliveries.

Mail Job Tracking Statistics Notification

Similar to above, but Maestro registers the notification for processing after a certain delay time. If Maestro measures statistics for the mail job that are not within the configured expectations, then the corresponding notification is marked as alert. If you choose "Alerts Only" for this topic, then you receive only notifications of mail jobs with unexpected statistics values.

Tracking Statistics Summary Report

This type of notification is available to all Maestro users and contains a weekly or monthly summary of tracking statistics for mail jobs that were delivered for your account or group. If Maestro detects a significant downwards trend in the tracking statistics, then the corresponding notification is marked as alert, allowing you to limit the notifications in this category to time periods with unexpected average tracking statistics (choose one of the "...Alerts Only" choices to activate this). Choosing the "...All Messages" variants instead means that you receive tracking statistics summary reports in repeated intervals, depending on your choice and regardless of whether the measured statistics for the period are unexpected or not.

Subscriber Warehouse Health Report

This notification is similar to above, but is only available to users with access to the Maestro subscriber warehouse and does not focus on mail job tracking statistics but instead on the sizes of the lists in your subscriber warehouse measured against the sizes at previous times. As described on this help page, three different thresholds are considered to decide if the notification is an alert or not. Choose the "...Alerts Only" or "...All Messages" variants depending on if you prefer to only receive reports about unhealthy lists or if you instead like to receive repeated notifications regardless of actually measured statistics.

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