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LISTSERV Maestro Notification Service

The Maestro Notification Service actively notifies you of important or unusual situations related to your Maestro account or group. By logging in frequently and querying the system (for example by looking at the most recently delivered mail jobs), you can retrieve all information (and more) yourself.

With the Notification Service, it is your personal decision if you:
  • Want to rely on being informed in a timely fashion about situations that may need your attention while spending your valuable time for other activities. Choose "Alerts Only" where applicable in order to achieve this (more here)
  • Prefer to maintain a paper trail of recent statistics in your email inbox and/or your notifications archive in Maestro. Choose "All Messages" where applicable in order to achieve this (more here)
  • Login frequently to Maestro anyway and use its reporting capabilities to stay informed about everything. Choose "Never" where applicable in order to achieve this (more here)

If you are in the more advanced Maestro role of a mail job owner, then the Notification Service frees you from the need to manually notify other team members about the delivery or the statistics results of a certain mail job. As a job owner (or as a member of the job owner's group with the "Delivery" team collaboration privilege), you can additionally decide which of your team members are supposed to receive delivery notifications and job statistics notifications.

Note: It is at the team members personal discretion to finally decide if they actually want to receive the notification (see text above about how the Notification Service works with regard to notification recipients). See here if you need to notify people without a Maestro login account about mail job delivery or statistics results.

The following screens are available:

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