LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-10 Help Table Of Contents

Edit Subscriber Importer

  • To create a reusable subscriber importer for a subscriber list or list group use the [Create Reusable Importer] button on the corresponding subscriber importers list page of the list or group.
  • To change an existing reusable subscriber importer of a list or group use the Edit link in its header section on the corresponding subscriber importers list page.

The Edit Importer wizard lets you define, name and save a subscriber importer. This importer contains settings for import modifications that will be performed on the list and/or list group subscribers in a reusable fashion, so that the same modification can easily be applied several times.

If you do not want to create and save an importer but only want to make a one-time modification via upload, use the Modify by Import wizard instead.

The wizard has eight pages: General, Type, Type Details, Source, Parse Details, Map Fields, Mapping Details, and Summary.

The top row of the wizard displays links to these eight pages. The page that is currently open is highlighted. Depending on the choices made on some of the wizard pages, other pages may become disabled or may be shown in different versions. If a wizard page is disabled, then it means that this page is not necessary with the current choices and can safely be ignored.

General Page: Name and Description

This screen lets you input a name and description for the importer, for easier identification in the list of importers at a later time. The name is mandatory; the description is optional.

It is recommended that you supply both a meaningful name and description so that anyone working with the list group or subscriber list knows the details of an importer when it appears in the importers list.

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