LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Report Team Collaboration

To access the team collaboration page for a given report, select the desired user-defined tracking report in the reports tree, then select Team Collaboration from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the report node in the reports tree).

This page is only available for a user who belongs to an account group with other team members.

Define the user rights for the current report.

On this screen, a listing of all user accounts in the same group as the current account appears. Check the corresponding boxes to grant rights for an account. Uncheck the corresponding boxes to revoke the rights for an account.

Each team member is listed together with checkboxes that display the rights settings for the selected team member.

Grant or revoke the rights of the individual accounts by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

Click on the name of an account, the name of a right, or on the Team Member link to grant or revoke several rights at once:

  • Clicking on a name grants or revokes all rights for this user at once.
  • Clicking on a right grants or revokes this right for all users at once.
  • Clicking on the Team Member link grants or revokes all rights for all users at once.

If you click on one of the links listed above, then the corresponding rights will be granted or revoked following this rule:

The first click on a link grants all corresponding rights, checking all of those that were previously unchecked. The second click revokes them again, unchecking all, if all were previously checked.

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