LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Social Media Overview

The social media integration in LISTSERV Maestro covers two aspects:

Social Media Publishing

Publishing via social media means that you publish the content of your message not only via email, to the recipients of that email, but that you also publish the message via other social media channels. For example you can additionally publish a link to your message on your own Facebook page or tweet a message with a link to your message on Twitter. With social media publishing, you thus reach additional readers for your message: Not only your email subscribers, but also your Facebook fans, Twitter followers or other social media friends.

After delivery, you can publish a link to your mail job's message on the social media platform of your choice. The options for this are available on the preview tab of the delivered mail job.

In all cases, the activity of social media publishing is something that you, as the Maestro account holder, initiate yourself.

Social Media Sharing

Sharing via social media means that you embed special sharing links into your email message, which are then used by the recipients of your message to share the message with their social media friends. For example you can embed a Facebook link, to allow your readers to share a link to your message on their Facebook pages, or a Twitter link, to allow your readers to tweet a link to your message to their Twitter followers.

Via the Social Media Settings page, you can prepare Maestro to allow you to embed such sharing links into your email. You can then embed the prepared links either all at once simply by including the generic {{*SocialMedia}} system drop-in, or you can even embed individual share links with the advanced version of that drop-in.

You need to embed a sharing link for each social media application that your recipients shall be able to use for their sharing.

While you, as the Maestro account holder, prepare your message with these sharing links to enable social media sharing, the actual sharing is something that is initiated by your recipients, not by you, when they click on such a sharing link.

Of course, Maestro will keep track of exactly which sharing link was clicked, and how often (and, if possible, by whom). When tracking this, Maestro will even record the viral reach depth that your message achieves: If some of your original recipient share your message with their social media accounts, and then some of their social media friends like the message so much that they share it again, and so on, you can achieve a viral reach quite far beyond the scope of your own original recipients and social media followers. The reports in Maestro will show you exactly how far this viral reach went.

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