LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Open Job Details Pane

  • To access the details pane for a given open job, select the desired job in the job list. The job details are then shown in the bottom pane. If the job that you are looking for is not visible in the job list, you may have to change to the correct folder in the job folder tree or adjust the current search filter conditions.
  • To create a new mail job, select New Standard Mail Job... from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the parent job folder in the job folder tree).

The Job Details pane of an open job lets you access the details of the unsent job so that you can view and edit the various job parts.

In addition to showing a preview of the current job content on the Content tab, this pane also displays a summary of the job details on the Summary tab. After the first test delivery, the Overview Report tab is also available. You can switch between them by clicking on the respective tab.

If the current job is part of a message sequence, then the Sequence Info tab is available and shows additional details regarding the job and its predecessors and/or successors in the sequence.

To open the workflow page of the job for editing, either double click the job in the job list or select Open Mail Job Definition from the job's right-click menu or the main menu. Or click on the icon in the top right corner of the pane.

To directly select a specific job part for editing, without going through the workflow page, click the icon associated with each job part on the Summary tab.

Also on the Summary tab, you can click the maximize icon in the top right corner to maximize the summary to full window size.

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