LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Target Group Definition - Upload Recipients

To create a new target group, select New Recipient Target Group... from the menu (or go via the right-click menu of the Target Groups node or a target group folder in the subscriber warehouse).
Note: If the new target group has not the desired type "Upload Recipients", you can change the target group type on the source page.

This Target Group Definition wizard lets you define a target group of the "Upload Recipients" type that can then be used in the Define Recipients wizard.

The wizard for a target group of the "Upload Recipients" type has multiple pages:
General, Source, Source Details, Recipients Details, Duplicate Elimination, and Summary.

The top row of the wizard displays links to each of these pages. The page that is currently open is marked with a highlighted background color. Depending on the choices made on some of the wizard pages, other pages may become disabled or may be shown in different versions. If a wizard page is disabled, then it means that this page is not necessary with the current choices and can safely be ignored.

General Page: Target Group Name and Description

Both name and description are mandatory. Enter a meaningful name and a good description so the end users who are selecting target groups in the recipients wizard will have all the information they need to decide which target group to use.

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