LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

Define Tracking

To access the tracking definition wizard for a given mail job from the open job details pane, select the Summary tab and click on the Edit link in the Tracking section. If you are already on the workflow page of the mail job, simply click on the Define Tracking section.

The Tracking Definition wizard defines if and how the messages sent with an email job is tracked by LISTSERV Maestro.

The wizard has four pages: Tracking Selection, Type, Type Details, and Summary

The top row of the wizard displays links to these five pages. The page that is currently open is highlighted. Depending on the choices made on some wizard pages, other pages may become disabled or may be shown in different versions. If a wizard page is disabled, then it means that the page is not necessary with the current choices and can safely be ignored.

Tracking Selection Page: Define Tracking Mode

On this screen, you decide if you want to enable tracking or not:

  • Full Tracking, All Links: All trackable elements in the job are automatically selected for tracking, including all trackable links.

    The definition whether a given link shall be tracked or not happens on the Define Email Content screen, see here for details.

  • No Tracking: Select this option if you do not want to enable tracking for this job.

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