LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

How To Send a Message With LISTSERV Maestro

In Maestro, messages are managed as so called Mail Jobs. So to send a message with Maestro, you first need to create a mail job, via the menu: New Standard Mail Job... .

All mail jobs are available via the Job Folder Tree and Job List, where you can also organize them into your own custom folder structure. A freshly created mail job will initially be in the Open state, with empty settings.

From the mail job's Workflow page, proceed to fill out the mail job's settings: Define the Recipients of the message, as well as the message's Content, its Tracking Settings, the Sender Details and the Delivery Schedule. With all settings defined, you will be required to perform a Delivery Test and, if the test was successful, you can then Authorize the delivery of the mail job. The actual delivery of the job will then proceed automatically, according to the delivery schedule settings that you defined.

As soon as delivery is authorized, the mail job will switch into the Ongoing state and once the delivery has been completed successfully, it will automatically switch into the Completed state. If the delivery should fail for any reason, the mail job will remain in the "ongoing" state, but is now marked as "failed".

If tracking was enabled for the mail job, you can then View the Tracking Statistics of the mail job. Note that you may have to wait a while for meaningful tracking data, as you must allow for some time to pass so that the recipients have a chance to receive, view and interact with the message.

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