LISTSERV Maestro 11.0-21 Help Table Of Contents

How To View the Tracking Statistics of a Delivered Message

One of the main features of LISTSERV Maestro is the detailed message tracking data that is collected by the system and that you can view via various reports. This data is collected for all mail jobs that have the tracking option enabled. The type and scope of the collected data may vary from mail job to mail job, depending on the individual job's message content and tracking settings.

Once a tracked mail job has been delivered successfully, it will appear in the overall Tracking Statistics and Delivery Statistics reports. Additionally, you can also view the individual tracking data for a mail job via the mail job's entry in the Jobs List, on the "Overview Report", "Clicks Report", "Publishing Report" and "Sharing Report" tabs of the Completed Job Details Pane.

If you are interested in even more detailed reporting, you can also create your own Tracking Report based on a Job. You can either create this report for a single selected job or for multiple selected jobs, where the latter allows you to compare the tracking results of several jobs. Such a report can be created on the fly, whenever you need it, or you can also save it as a User-Defined Tracking Report, if you plan to access it frequently, or if you want to edit it further.

Of course it is also possible to create an empty user-defined report from scratch that you later fill out with Tracking Report Entries that you define yourself.

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